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Promote your brand, get new followers.

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Choose the content

You choose the content to be sponsored, we'll help you choose (don't worry)

Get New followers

Our huge fanbase, is dedicated to hautecouture, and they'll love your brand. Bringing new followers to your page.

Bring traffic to your website

By putting a swipeup link on an Instagram story, you'll get many leads to your website

Tailored to your neeeds

We'll always be available to help you, tailoring the promotion to your needs.

What makes TCI work

The combination of our fanbase, our experience and your content, will leave you satisfied.

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Customer oriented experience

We value our customer, we'll always be available for you to help you choose the best content, provide for your needs, or just giving advice about social media.

TCI 1.6M Followers

Over 1.5M followers

Our followers, are hautecouture oriented, and deeply invested in the fashon world. They are moslty females, age 20 to 35.

Gender: 87% Females
Age : 20-34 yrs
Countries Italy, USA, Turkey, Russia, UAE
AVG Impressions: 1m+

Years of experience

We are in this business since 2016, and TCI was created in 2013. We had many customers and all were satisfied of our promotion.

AVG Post Like: 35k
AVG Post Comments : 150
AVG Story views: 50k
AVG Story link swipe: 75
AVG followers gained with one post: 250

Simple, transparent pricing

Single Post
Top features
  • Gain 250-600 for you social media.
  • We'll help you choose the right content
  • Make a carousel, to create more engagement
  • Will always stay on our Page.
Single Story
Top features
  • Great for website traffic
  • Get 50k views on average
  • Use a video or photo.
  • Last only 24h
[3 Post + 1 Story]
Premium Deal
Top features
  • Our most popular offer
  • Gives you both post and stories
    for a more complete promotion
  • Analytics coverage
  • 20% off the total (780€)
[5 Post + 2 Stories]
Jumbo Deal
Top features
  • The most convenient offer
  • Gives you both post and stories
    for a more complete promotion
  • Analytics coverage
  • 20% off the total (1300€)

Loved by our customers.

I love your posts and appreciate everything you do thank you so much! And will get in touch with you soon ❤️

Our Feedback is positive, we had the premium deal, and the first two post worked great, the third was a video and a choice made by us, maybe not the most efficient.

Anyway TCI always delivers! Your followers are truly dedicated!

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